William Hill take a calculated gamble

… and return over £1m in savings


William Hill know a thing or two about calculating odds having been in the betting business since 1934. Earlier this year they took a calculated gamble on EMMA AI. This was in a hope that it would help them with their green strategy and ultimately save them significantly on their energy bills.

The team at William Hill initially agreed to a 3-month rollout across a small percentage of their shops. Almost immediately, however, they started seeing savings that were much higher than projected. This led to an increased the rollout across their entire estate, with 12-month savings across all their shops projected to exceed £1 million.

Matt added: “We were absolutely amazed at the savings the platform was allowing us to make in practically no time at all, and across a reasonably small number of our shops. The data we were able to look at early in the project gave us the confidence to move quickly to rolling the platform out across all our locations. We all know that energy prices have been heading north for the last 2 years by huge amounts and so to see savings of this size is unbelievable really!”.

I’ll be honest that we were sceptical about trying EMMA AI at first. We’d never heard of the technology and some of the case studies just seemed too good to be true. In our industry though, it sometimes pays to back the underdog and the fact that there’s no upfront cost meant that it was pretty risk free from our side

Matt Drewett

Global Procurement, William Hill

William Hill have not only reduced their energy bills across the board but are on track to save over 850 tonnes of CO2 in their first year, which makes a huge dent in their carbon footprint!

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