The marketing benefits of reducing your CO2

EMMA AI can save your business £000s on your energy bills, but there’s also hugely positive brand and PR benefits.

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What is EMMA AI?

EMMA AI is a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that measures energy consumption across your individual sites, pinpointing exactly where money is being wasted and taking proactive measures to reduce the waste - all without having to install a single piece of equipment!

The platform uses machine learning technology to analyse the half-hourly meter data that your energy supplier can supply and learn how each of your sites is using its gas and electricity. As soon as EMMA AI identifies an issue, the platform advises your on-site management teams of the problem directly and offers them advice on how to fix it. It effectively creates an army of energy managers across your business.

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Not only does EMMA AI deliver financial savings, it also demonstrates your business’s commitment to improving your environmental credentials, which in turn benefits your customers and helps to build your brand. Discover how EMMA AI can enhance your messaging…

Positive brand image

By taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint, you demonstrate your commitment to a better world. As a result, your brand improves, attracting consumers who want to support businesses that prioritise environmental responsibility.

Enhanced PR

When you make meaningful efforts to reduce your CO2 emissions, the media and influencers in your industry take notice. This leads to enhanced PR, as you have a compelling story to share that resonates with a wide audience.

Increased customer loyalty

Consumers are seeking out brands that share their values. By reducing your CO2, you create a loyal customer base that appreciates your commitment to sustainability. Leading to repeat business, referrals, and increased brand loyalty.

Employee satisfaction + retention

By demonstrating your commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, you create a workplace culture that resonates with your employees’ values. This leads to increased employee satisfaction, retention, and a more positive work environment.

Access to green certification

You may become eligible for for a range of official certifications, which serve as a powerful marketing tool. These certifications provide third-party validation of your sustainability efforts and give you a competitive edge.

Join the movement

As a marketing professional, you have the unique opportunity to use your platform to make a hugely positive impact on lowering CO2 emissions and showcasing your brand as being a leader in sustainability.

Want to see exactly how much you could save?

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