What is EMMA AI, and how exactly does it work?

EMMA AI is a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that measures energy consumption across your individual sites, pinpointing exactly where money is being wasted and taking proactive measures to reduce the waste – all without having to install a single piece of equipment!

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The platform uses machine learning technology to analyse the half-hourly meter data that your energy supplier can supply and learn how each of your sites is using its gas and electricity. As soon as EMMA AI identifies an issue, the platform advises your on-site management teams of the problem directly and offers them advice on how to fix it. It effectively creates an army of energy managers across your business.

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User-friendly reports are sent via email every day.

How does EMMA AI work?

EMMA AI becomes your digital Energy Manager, sitting in the background, constantly monitoring so it can email your staff as soon as it sees anomalous use of energy, advising how to fix it so that you’re constantly saving money and reducing your CO2 emissions. Setup is extremely simple, and requires nothing more than the half-hourly meter data that you will already be receiving from your current energy supplier. Once EMMA AI has this information, it uses a range of intelligent algorithms and machine learning to process your all your site data in real-time, allowing it to spot issues as they happen.

Importantly, you don’t have to rely on logging into the platform! Instead, EMMA AI lets each of your locations know of problems (and how to fix them) directly via a simple, human-readable email. Once your site managers receive this information, they can act on it and then simply reply to the email to let EMMA AI know what the outcome is.

Connect the meter data for your individual sites

EMMA AI takes a digital data feed directly from your existing energy supplier and extracts half-hourly readings to understand at a granular level how each of your sites is using its energy.

Leave Emma AI to process your data in real-time

Energy usage by site is ingested from your supplier and combined with other data using our proprietary AI engine to form a unique view of every location and immediately spot issues.

Get actionable notifications sent direct to your managers

Energy issues identified by EMMA AI are sent via email directly to your site managers, with recommendations in clear, concise English of what they need to do to fix the problem and prevent a repeat.

Staff can take immediate action and save money

On-site staff can use the clear advice and instructions sent to them to take immediate action and prevent future energy wastage without any need for input from head office or senior management.

  • EMMA AI sends advice directly to your site managers.
  • Head office staff & senior management have complete admin access.
  • Review every site within the estate at any time (if wanted).
  • Quickly see all identified problems and proposed resolutions.
  • Check if your local teams have acted on the advice they were given.
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Significantly reduce your emissions

EMMA AI saves you money from day one by reducing your energy consumption and spend, which means what is good for your pocket is also good for the environment. Every single EMMA AI customer is seeing dramatic savings from day one – for example, Betfred have reduced electricity spend equivalent to over 130 tonnes of CO2e per year!

EMMA AI is constantly learning …

EMMA AI is a genuine Artificial Intelligence platform that is constantly learning from a range of inputs and applying that learning to its algorithms to improve its knowledge and recommendations.

The only essential data that EMMA AI requires is your existing half-hourly energy data feed, which we get from your energy supplier. On top of this, EMMA AI will use data based on site locations, current weather, time of day, site profiles and even anonymous data from similar sites to build a complete picture of what ‘normal’ energy usage should look like for each and every site location.

In addition, EMMA AI has the capability to accept data feeds from 3rd-party systems via our industry-standard API and can additionally accept data from a range of Internet of Things (IoT) devices if you have them installed across your site locations – although these are not required!

EMMA AI data sources

Actionable notifications

  • EMMA AI spots energy wastage and notifies on-site managers via email.
  • Communications are sent in clear, human language, offering prevention ideas.
  • There is no need to log into systems; all information is in the email.
  • Managers reply to the email with actions taken and EMMA AI closes tickets.
  • Result: An army of Energy Managers across your business!
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