Save thousands on your business energy bills & reduce your footprint

EMMA AI is an intelligent monitoring system designed for businesses with multiple locations. It tracks energy usage across all your sites every 30 minutes and identifies where gas and electricity is being wasted.

Every morning your site managers receive a simple email telling them where energy was wasted over the last 24 hours and how to prevent it happening again.


Starting with EMMA AI is simple

No Switching Suppliers

We work to reduce the amount you are spending with your existing energy suppliers. No changes to contracts and switching.

No Capital Expenditure

EMMA AI operates in the cloud and therefore has no upfront capital investment. Instead, we charge a monthly, per-site fee to access the platform.

Nothing To Install

EMMA AI processes your existing data and doesn’t require any additional hardware – although you can connect IoT devices if desired.

No Increase In Headcount

EMMA AI educates your site managers on how to reduce their spend directly, creating an army of Energy Managers across your entire business.

EMMA AI application screenshot

EMMA AI delivers simple, human-like recomendations that allow store managers to reduce their energy consumption.

Absolutely no capital investment required

EMMA AI analyses data that you already have in your business to pinpoint exactly where energy is being wasted across all your sites, advising your people directly how to fix it quickly – saving your business energy & thousands of pounds every year! There is no hardware or on-site monitoring required and absolutely no up-front capital investment.

UK businesses spend around £24 billion a year on energy. With most wasting between 20-40%, the UK could be saving up to £9 billion every single year!

Benefits from day one

EMMA AI requires no upfront investment or capital expenditure, meaning that the energy savings you start to make from day one are just that … savings. Our customers typically find the cost of EMMA AI is equivalent to less than 2% of their energy spend, with total savings in year easily exceeding 10% of their energy spend. A figure that only grows from year two onwards.

Huge Financial Savings

William Hill recently announced that they are saving over £1 million on their energy bills EVERY SINGLE YEAR through implementing EMMA AI.

Massive Carbon Savings

EMMA AI is great for your bottom line and even better for the planet, saving you thousands of tonnes in carbon emissions every single year!

Maximum PR Exposure

With proven reductions in carbon emissions, you have a powerful & statistical way to shout about the positive impact you’re making.

Don’t take our word for it

Optimal Monitoring has been saving our customers millions on their energy bills since 1994. Using the powerful automation of EMMA AI, we’ll continue to see savings across multiple sectors.

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When I heard about EMMA AI, I honestly thought it was another gimmick, but the team at Optimal Monitoring have proved to be honest and easy to work with, delivering on their promise to make us great savings. You have got to love a product that does that.

Fred Done

Owner and Founder, Betfred

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We were absolutely amazed at the savings the platform was allowing us to make in practically no time at all, and across a reasonably small number of our shops. The data we were able to look at early in the project gave us the confidence to move quickly to rolling the platform out across all our locations. We all know that energy prices have been heading north for the last 2 years by huge amounts and so to see savings of this size is unbelievable really!

Matt Drewett

Global Procurement, William Hill

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Ready to see how much you could save?

To see how big your savings could be, we’ve put together a simple online Return On Investment (ROI) calculator.